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Super Double Drawn Hair Vs Double Drawn: Which Is Better?

If you first encounter the world of hair extensions, chances are you will find many terms confusing. Things like Remy hair, human hair, single drawn, or double drawn hair will make you look dumb for a little while. But things are just hit up here my friends!

We present you with a brand new term that is no less confusing: Super double drawn hair. Don’t mix it up with double drawn hair. These two items are entirely different!

So what exactly does super double drawn hair mean? Let’s find out the answer right below!

What is super double drawn hair?

Compared single and double drawn hair, super double drawn human hair is the thickest hair. It has approx 85-90% amount of hair strands that are in the same length. Skilled craftsmen have to pluck the hair by hand only, no use machine. The hair creates an illusion that looks like our natural hair. Women who want to own thick tresses, this hair extension is the best solution. In the market now, there are different textures of hair extension, such as super double drawn curly hair, super double drawn straight hair, etc. 

However, the making process is more sophisticated. Hence, the price of super double drawn hair is higher than the others. 

Pros and Cons of super double drawn hair

The drawning process is one of the many methods to make natural-looking hair bundles. The goal of this process is to make sure hairpieces blend well with your natural hair.

What is the drawning process? Simply put, it is the process in which hair professionals create bundles with a limited amount of same-length hair. If you look at your natural hair, you will notice that strands don’t have the same length either.

This is because due to the growing phase, hair comes out of follicles at a different time. Thanks to these features, our hair looks full and vibrant. To achieve the same characteristic of natural hair, hair professionals discovered the drawning process.

There is two well-known drawn hair: single drawn and double drawn. While only drawn offers at most 50% of hair with the same length, double drawn goes far, delivering up to 60 to 70%. Depending on personal preference, customers can choose single drawn or double drawn hair to achieve their desired look.

There is one less natural drawn hair, known as super thick double drawn hair. So, what does super double drawn hair mean? Super double drawn hair comes with the highest amount of hair with the same length. The rate can go up to 85%. This, of course, brings both advantages and disadvantages.

As the amount of same-length hairs is considerable, the seeming hair volume also looks profound. What we use “seeming” here because the drawning process has nothing to do with the actual hair volume.

The shorter hairs will create an illusion that the hair bundle looks full and thick. In this case, super double drawn hair offers an entirely natural, full hair. Those who want to add more thickness to their hair would love this item.

On the other hand, the making process of super double drawn weave is more complicated. This results in a higher price tag. The great news is you only need one bundle for your head.


– 85% of hair with the same length

– Hair bundles look full and natural

– You need to buy one bunch only for one head


– Not a purse-friendly product

What does double drawn hair mean?

Double drawn hair contains 60 to 70% of hair at the same length. It delivers a natural look and thicker ends. Craftsmen have to remove shorter strands of hair throughout the bundle by hand. Double drawn hair price is higher than the single because of the extra process. It expands the hair quality and offers for a more healthy full appearance of the hair unit. If you want a much thicker and fuller hair, double drawn is for you.

Double drawn hair extensions or double drawn hair weft refer to the final products. After hair professionals finish the drawning process, they will weft hair together. Since there are so many types of hair extensions, the ultimate bundles could be very different from each other.

Some come with tapes; others settle down in clip-in.

What is double drawn virgin hair?

It is among the best quality of hair replacement system out there. The virgin hair is raw and unprocessed. 60-70% of hair strands are the same length, offering a thicker look. The hairs are gathered and selected carefully by hand. All strands are arranged in equal length and to create a polished and smooth look. Plus, it typically mimics the natural locks that most of us have. You can find double drawn virgin hair wholesale at a hair store near you or vendors online.

Is Double drawn hair better?

If you have strong hair, you want to add volume to both the top and end of the hair, opt for the double is better. It offers a thick and full hair look all the time. The double hair focuses on both the depth and fullness of the extension. The hair on the top and end of this hair type is equal. Compared to the single drawn hair, the quality of the double drawn is higher. Hence, it is very durable. It reduces hair shedding if you don’t wash it frequently and use too many products either.

The quality of super double drawn Vietnamese hair

Hair can come from many different sources. In Asia, the most famous type is Indian hair. However, business ethics around hair collection are questionable. Indian women don’t get pay for their hair.

The second next famous hair source comes from Cambodia. The coarse and firm hair texture enchants many customers. However, those who love silky and smooth hair don’t really like Cambodian hair.

For more information on different hair types, please read Cambodian Hair Vs Vietnamese Hair: A Four-All Draw For Hair Users and Cambodian Hair Vs Indian Hair: The Fierce Battle In The Market

The rising star in this market is Vietnamese hair. With the unique S-shaped, Vietnamese hair offers various hair texture, from silky in the North to coarse in the South.

Let’s look at the quality of super double drawn Vietnamese hair.

Hair Ends

Hair ends of Vietnamese hair are healthy and vibrant. You see little to no split ends. Vietnamese hair mostly comes from the countryside, where women still utilize traditional, chemical-free hair care products.

These women never really style their hairs using heat or chemically. That’s why their hair is extremely robust.

Hair quality

There are two types of Vietnamese hair: virgin hair and Remy hair. Virgin hair is the premium material. Bundles of virgin hair have ultimate smoothness and silkiness. Hair without any heat and chemical styling will stay very long with proper care.

Remy hair doesn’t have the same robustness. However, you don’t have to worry too much when shopping with Layla Hair. We check the hair source frequently to make sure that our hair collection comes from women with healthy hair care routines.

Super double drawn hair price

How much is super double drawn human hair? As we mentioned above, the cost of super double drawn can be higher than single and double drawn. Because of the drawning process, the amount of hair used is more than the other counterparts.

Also, depending on the hair types, virgin or Remy, the price can also be varied.

What is the difference between double drawn and super double drawn hair?

Human hair extensions are used to add more volume on thinning or fine hair. All hair strands are arranged in equal length to offer a natural and perfect look. They focus on the fullness and depth of the hair replacement system.

Take a look at the pictures of double drawn hair and super drawn hair, how can I differentiate these hair extensions? You should pay attention to the thickness of the hair. Double drawn hair has 60-70% same-length hair strands. Thus, super drawn is thicker than the double drawn one. 

What about hair quality? The quality of super double drawn human hair extension is more expensive than the double one. Both of these hairs are very durable. 

If you are in the market to find drawn hair, you see that single drawn price is the cheapest, double drawn hair is medium, and super double drawn hair is the highest. Because of the price, double drawn hair is more common and widely used by users.

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super double drawn vs double drawn hair quality

How to take care of super double drawn Vietnamese hair?

If you want to preserve the texture of Vietnamese hair, we have some advice for you.

– Consider shampoos with a natural formula. Since hair cut off from human scalp receives no sebum, you need to give your hair bundles some oil. That’s why; the oil-based formula is a must when it comes to proper hair care products.

– Wash your hair right! Vietnamese hair needs your gentleness. You should neither pull or wash your hair too harsh. This will eventually lead to hair tangling and shedding.

– Towel dry and air dry your hair. Don’t blow dry it too often if you don’t want to say goodbye to your expensive hairpieces too soon.

– Use hair serum from time to time. We would suggest you use hair serum after your hair bundles are 80% dry. This is the best time to apply serum because the hair can absorb nutrients and oil.

The bottom line

Each type of hair extension has its own benefits and drawbacks. We hope that you know more what is super double drawn hair after reading this post. If your hair is sparse, wearing double and super double drawn hair extension. These hairs will not damage your bio hair underneath. 

If you are finding a trustworthy hair vendor to purchase drawn hair, visit Eva Hair Vietnam. We are a leading hair vendor in Vietnam and always supply good hair quality. We know that good hair product and friendly prices are magnets attracting customers. 

Have any questions about drawn hair or any hair extensions, reach us via our hotline (+84) 852222096. Don’t forget to share this post. 

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